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TRG is a Landlord-Tenant law firm focusing on commercial and residential eviction litigation and all aspects of Landlord-Tenant law in the Circuit Court Systems of Northern Illinois. TRG is here to  provide you with comprehensive Landlord-Tenant legal support, assist you to navigate the system, and advocate for you!

Over 1 Million Dollars of back Rent Dismissed!

"Chicago Lawyer Takes Activism In His Own Hands To Help Tenants"

- CBS News 

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Our Services

Our Servuces
Landlord-Tenants Services

Residents of Chicago are governed by the Residential Landlord and Tenant Ordinance (RLTO). Other laws exist to protect tenants throughout Illinois.In Chicago Landlords are required by law to attach a summary of your rights under the RLTO to your lease agreement.

Counter-Sue Your Landlord

Landlords and tenants do not enter the relationship looking for conflict. Sometimes, however, problems do develop which cannot be easily fixed. In these situations, a tenant may have the right to counter-sue their landlord.

Remove an Eviction From Your Record

There are several ways to remove an eviction from your record and keep a harmful judgement from entering against you in Illinois. 

Security Deposits 

If you live in Chicago, your lease is subject to the RLTO*, and there are very specific rules that your landlord must follow regarding the handling and return of your security deposit. If the landlord violates the RLTO regarding your deposit, your landlord may owe you up to three times the amount of your  security deposit.

Eviction Defense 

We represent residential and commercial tenants facing eviction. If you have received a notice of termination of tenancy or an eviction summons requiring your appearance in court, please contact us today!

Multi-Tenant Lawsuits

One of the most effective ways to hold a landlord accountable is for all of the tenants in the property to band together and sue the landlord in one group action. TRG will prosecute these multi-plantiff actions. 

Ready to find out more?

Above we listed services that we offer at Tenants Rights Group that include: Landlord - Tenants services, counter-suing your landlord and removing an eviction from your record. Here at TRG we offer the full spectrum of landlord- tenant legal services. Contact us now! 

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